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The Mission

Fl Studio

When it comes to any service-based industry there is always a “storefront” (or front-end) and a stockroom, tools of the trade, the steps from resource to a finished product (or the back-end).  Here at Defco headquarters we strive to take as much of the guess-work, the fragmented workflow and administrative hassles out of the way of independent musicians and artists.



Maschine 2.0

We’ll focus on building your product, so that you can focus on the most important part of your job, creativity and creation.



Logic Pro Mixing

Mixing, Mastering, RecordingProduction techniques we’ve been honing theory with practical application for years.  We ARE independent artists and from our experiences we’ve found that Independent always sounds great, until you realize how much you need to know, and how much that minimizes the amount of time left to create.  Let DefcoCrew apply what we’ve learned through first-hand experience performing at venues like : ComiconPunchlines, setting up our own shows for several years at different venues in Toronto and Montreal, and performing at Under Pressure the largest hip-hop graffiti festival in Canada 2 years in a row.

Make your FIRST project as good as your second, third, or hundredth by worrying about promotion and creation. Defco has your back!  We love working with local artists, pushing the culture foward, and thinking outside the box.  Contact us and release the project you were thinking of the first time you try.


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