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bookworm. is one of the two founding members of Defective Collective Crew.  His beat production skills and styles range from boom-bap, swing and break-beat, to the deepest depths of sonic mangling.

Being a certified audio technician and sound designer, makes him technically proficient at sound engineering, a mixing specialist, and a pro at getting the best possible recording out of any artist.  Give him a moment of your time and he’ll give you more than a decades worth of industry knowledge gained through his education and practical experience as a recording artist himself.

Need a vocalist for a feature? bookworm. is recognized for his eclectic word-choice, and syntax. A combination of thought-evoking descriptions and poetic pros from a man that’s read a little too much, experienced more than enough of what life has to offer, and a master of rhythmic cadences of a 4th kind.

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