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In an age where beats are getting manufactured at the same rate as most high-output factories release cars, iphones and the what-nots of daily consumerism, COMCAP is one of the few standing bastions of taking ones time, feeling the soul, rhythm, vibes, and going the Analog route.  His production style stems from his collection of vinyl, psychedelic rock, jazz, blues, soul, and funk amalgamate to create a futuristic boom bap we like to call Psychedelic Boom-Bap.  People say the 90s are making a come-back…we say lets take what we learned from the 2000s and apply it to what we miss about the 90s.  Forward motion can’t be neglected.



If you’re looking for something different, something new that’s tinged with that nostalgic feeling of the first time you ever heard a hip-hop song, COMCAP exceeds all expectations and delivers warmth and rugged waves anyone can appreciate.





  • MPC 2000
  • MPC 2000XL
  • Mackie 1604 VLZ 3
  • Cubase 5
  • Turntable
  • Tonnes of Records

If you’re into that analogue warmth that comes with mixing without a computer, COMCAP pushes that crunchy, dusty, tonality to new heights.


The Beat-Box

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