D-Inventa/Mogli da Foulchild


D-Inventa, the other founding member of Defective Collective Crew, has put long days and nights into perfecting his craft.  His instrumental style is a combination of soul, funk, psychedelic rock, and a little bit of everything else.  He’s produced for a few Toronto indie artists, amongst them, Samantha Nova, Cassia Crawl, and bookworm.  and mixed out tracks for groups and individuals like Max & Eyeda, and all of the above! 



If you need creative input, album cover design, a stellar Mixing job on your work, or beat production ranging from sampled pieces, to straight-up synth creations, he is your man.




  • Logic Pro X
  • Reason 5.0
  • Maschine 1.0
  • Maschine 2.0
  • Roland SP-606




Need someone to put some vocals on your instrumentals, or even a feature to tie up a loose-end?  D-Inventa’s hip-hop persona is Mogli da Foulchild and he’s put in plenty of work over the past 4 years.  2 Defective Collective albums, 5 EP’s with the producers of DefcoCrew as part of an EP a month special, a slew of Singles with the likes of Gooseliks, ShamanSee, Chief Bob, Golden Ninjah, ChopperMan, and LSP-One to name a few.

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