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Fredy INk has been a producer for more than a decade.  He’s tried a little bit of everything, and his instrumental skills are a whole lot of wavyfunkyFredy! If you’re a fan of that drunken-swing on a drum beat, a funky bass-line and music that morphs in and out of different melodic rhythms and sounds, then it might be time for you to pay attention to what Fred has been up to.

Fredy Producing


Fredy has a lot of hip-hop influences, amongst other styles of production, and a lot of that inspiration comes from the West Coast and listening to the East-sidersTha Dogg PoundSnoopDreDj QuickDaz2pac, all the way to the Primo Crooklyn cuts, the Wu-tang ClanSlum VillageMad Lib and J-dilla.




“Films have a big impact in my music, from Akira Kurusawa to Stanley Kubrick to cartoon animes, it’s the sounds that make the images come alive.”


Mr. Ink also has an educational background in Electro Acoustics and owned a studio labelled FAX MACHINE.  When you purchase a beat from Fredy INk, you aren’t purchasing some generic instrumental, he’s more than willing to make the overall experience as organic as possible and that means constructive back-and-forth between himself and the artist as well as changes being made based on the theme of the track.


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