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The Producer

A long-time veteran in the instrumental production game, his skills range from Boom-Bap and rugged dark hip-hop, to drum and bass, and orchestral synth and non-sample based beat production.  Mr. Debauch isn’t your average dabbler in the technical arts of sound production and mastering, he’s known around the shop as The Scientist.

Fl Studio


He’s a studied and experienced technical specialist, and he’s got the real world experience to make a regular, run of the mill recording, into a stick of live dynamite.


Check The Technique

The two most important ingredients to a quality track are the mixing and the mastering.  A proper mix is going to make your vocals pop and your instrumentals bang.  A proper mastering will make sure that those vocals and banging instrumentals will stay consistent regardless of how people choose to listen to your music.  Whether that’s while they’re riding round in a car, listening on laptop speakers, using their headphones, or blasting them on a P.A. system at a club or lounge,

a good mastering is essential for any artists that wants to be taken seriously and sound like what they listen to on the radio.

Debauch Studio Debauch StudioMr. Debauch is Defco Crew’s resident Mastering specialist.  All of our mixes go through him as a final stage before release.  Experience, and real world application based on over a decade of performing in shows, and an educational background in the field combined with technical know-how is what Mr. Debauch gives to each and every one of his projects.  He’s on-point, quick, and flexible in terms of allowing the client to be as specific or general with their requirements as they’d like to be.


  • akai s900
  • akai mpc60
  • akai mpc 2000 classic
  • akai remix 16
  • akai x7000
  • Roland MV8000
  • Korg MS2000R
  • Korg KPII
  • Korg Mini KPII
  • Korg EA1
  • FL Studio 9 and 10
  • Propellerhead Reason
  • Project Mix I/O
  • Motu Ultralite
  • Akai MPD
  • Axiom 49
  • Studio 1 

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